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FBFL – Gambling and Lounging
March 14, 2018

Even if you love traveling, no one enjoys the tediousness of the process. Arriving at the airport that isn’t close to anything, waiting, being checked, waiting some more, listening to crying babies, waiting… and that’s not to say anything of the waiting on board the craft itself! We know we’re already helping you with affordable […]

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Cold Getaways – Top 3
March 7, 2018

While beaches in Greece and Spain grapple for the top rated in the world, a more adventurous crowd seeks out a cozy spot a little farther north. @hilvees, a travel blogger on Instagram, recently posted a magical photo of herself under a vast, wintery sky, inside of a glass, pointed dome. The influencer is posed […]

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3 CEOs That Fly More Than You Thought
February 10, 2018

On the subject of flying frequently, CEOs of some of the most lucrative companies may surprise you as traveling more often than professed travel experts or bloggers, but when it comes to experience, the two sects cannot be compared. In a world where money is not a factor, Jaclyn Sienna India, president and founder of the […]

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18 Places to Visit After Retirement in 2018
February 5, 2018

The big year is finally here, you finally get to retire. To say you’ve looked forward to this for more than half your life is an understatement – it’s the ultimate summer break because it’s the one that never ends. How are you going to celebrate it? With the world at your fingertips and all […]

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Four Shades of Business Class Attendance
January 24, 2018

Ever notice how every level of category is like its own mini civilization or jungle? Let’s take the high school category: The seniors are the trend-setters and the leaders; the lions, the juniors are the recently jaded crowd, acting petulant and “too cool for school”; the hyenas. The sophomores are pathetically over-eager, still naïve enough […]

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4 Things Successful People Do To Save
January 17, 2018

Dave Ramsey’s envelop method made clear that it matters less how much money you make it matters infinitely more how you spend it. Or rather, manage it, because the power lies within you. You have the control to live at the “fuck you” level sooner than you think, if you can only get past your […]

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Top 5 Beaches – Where To Escape The Cold
January 5, 2018

As NYC and friends huddle up against biting winds, mounds of snow, and unforgiving temperatures, we can’t help but dream about far away lands that offer grassy-soft sand, rolling waves, and lots of warm, welcoming sun. You’ll notice that all of our choices are somewhat subdued beaches, undiscovered beauty, if you will. If you’re reading […]

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Adventurous New Year’s – Where to Spend The First of 2018
December 29, 2017

Yes, yes, the winter is horrid and cruel, it’s biting and unforgiving, and we all wish we could be on a beach in the Caribbean. But we’re not, are we? As much as we complain about it, we love the constantly renewed feeling of being filled with warmth and safety as we rush in doors […]

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Overbooked Flight? Yes, on Purpose – No, Not a Conspiracy
December 13, 2017

Granted, TED is not the epitome of reliable information and research, but they have earned their respect in their chop-shop education niche. In a recent study, they revealed that there’s a premeditated explanation for the frustrating experience of being bumped off a flight due to overbooking. While we hope this never happens to a Fly […]

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Emirates – Does Upgrade Mean Usage?
November 30, 2017

Already top-of-the-line Emirates doesn’t disappoint with its upgrades. On Nov 12, 2017 at the Dubai airshow, the airline with the biggest fleet of long-haul aircrafts unveiled their recent First Class upgrade. Inspired by the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Emirates announced they will actually be using the luxury cars as their mode of transportation for First Class […]

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