Even if you love traveling, no one enjoys the tediousness of the process. Arriving at the airport that isn’t close to anything, waiting, being checked, waiting some more, listening to crying babies, waiting… and that’s not to say anything of the waiting on board the craft itself!

We know we’re already helping you with affordable business class tickets to ease the pain, but we thought you might enjoy a little more so we’ve curated this short list of airports with gambling in the lounges.

Courtesy of The Expeditioner
Courtesy of The Expeditioner


Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


We know, we wouldn’t have guessed it either, but in June of 2017 the Pennsylvania House actually voted to change the local gambling laws so the industry may expand. Lucky for frequent travelers, this includes airports and the international airport sports a bustling space for gambling and off track betting.


The Nevada Triangle


Of course it’s Las Vegas, what did you think it would be? The Nevada Triangle actually makes up three airports around the state, forming a triangle, that offer lively casinos and gambling. Including LV, there’s also Reno and Elko.

There are around 1,300 slot machines in McCarran International Airport in Vegas, another 130 square meters of slots at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and a full range of slots and table games at Stockmen’s Casino, just one kilometer from Elko Regional Airport.

Las Vegas Airport

Red Flush Online Casino


While it’s not an additional location, online is arguably a better place to gamble anyway, because you can take it with you anywhere – as long as there are no laws against gambling in the place you’re using the app, and there’s wifi.

Red Flush offers high wager stakes and a sophisticated escape for while you’re vegetating in the business class lounge for hours.


Heathrow Airport


The busy London airport offers tax free gambling and casino slot machines in its giant interior. Did you know it’s considered the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger travel? We’re not saying it’s because of the duty-free gaming, but maybe it helps?


Which of these locations have you bet in?