While beaches in Greece and Spain grapple for the top rated in the world, a more adventurous crowd seeks out a cozy spot a little farther north. @hilvees, a travel blogger on Instagram, recently posted a magical photo of herself under a vast, wintery sky, inside of a glass, pointed dome. The influencer is posed comfortably on a fuzzy looking bed (seen below). The caption read “spending some dreamy days in one of our favorite places.” The place? Levin Iglut.

Le Instagram post from @hilvees
Le Instagram post from @hilvees

The unique glass igloo village is located in Lapland, Finland, and offers visitors the opportunity to sleep just beneath the aurora lights.

Lucky for us cold fish, Levin Iglut is not the only icy getaway available.

On the subject of cold escapes, we’ve decided to show you our three favorite places in the north (besides the glass igloos of course).


Tree Hotel, Sweden

Just like it sounds, Tree Hotel is a hotel in the trees. Not just any trees though, Tree Hotel is located “in the middle of unspoiled nature” in Sweden.

The Mirrorcube and UFO are only a couple of options of rooms among the trees the hotel boasts. Each structure is styled in a completely unique and creative manner, like the Bird’s Nest.

Bird's Nest - Tree Hotel, Sweden

Hattvika Lodge, Lofoten, Norway

The complete package, the Hattvika Lodge provides hiking along the Lofoten Archipelago in the clean northern air, skiing, a spa and sauna, fishing and exploration.

The Lofoten Islands are a remote jewel in the crown of Norway, but worth the trip. Made up of small fishing villages, the islands are perfect for viewing a midnight sun and northern lights.

Enjoying a hike as seen from @gabornagy_photography's view (Instagram).
Enjoying a hike as seen from @gabornagy_photography’s view (Instagram).


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

The most famous arctic getaway, we had to include Kakslauttanen for its genuinely phenomenal experience, not popularity. With such a wide variety of sleeping quarters available, Kakslauttanen truly has something for everyone. Glass igloos, wooden cabins, moose and dog sleigh rides…. A true romantics’ retreat.

Laplanders getting around
Laplanders getting around


If these pictures look as appealing to you as they do to us, reach out to us. We’d love to help you plan your next trip!