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Business Class Entertainment
March 29, 2018

If you thought business class tickets were expensive, you won’t believe how much business class seats cost the airlines to put in. While everyone scrambles for the best name in business class flying comfort, the standards for premium seats continue to rise. In a recent Bloomberg article, a consultant for the airline industry said the […]

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Tips For Flying With Pets
March 21, 2018

Our favorite companions in the world are not always people, they’re usually a lot smaller than people, and a good deal furrier. Some call them part of their family, some call them their children, and rarely can a person not see one and go “aw” on the inside. Of course, we’re talking about dogs. Committed […]

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FBFL – Gambling and Lounging
March 14, 2018

Even if you love traveling, no one enjoys the tediousness of the process. Arriving at the airport that isn’t close to anything, waiting, being checked, waiting some more, listening to crying babies, waiting… and that’s not to say anything of the waiting on board the craft itself! We know we’re already helping you with affordable […]

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Cold Getaways – Top 3
March 7, 2018

While beaches in Greece and Spain grapple for the top rated in the world, a more adventurous crowd seeks out a cozy spot a little farther north. @hilvees, a travel blogger on Instagram, recently posted a magical photo of herself under a vast, wintery sky, inside of a glass, pointed dome. The influencer is posed […]

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