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US: 1-855-234-5377 / AU: 61-38-5-184399
Emirates – Does Upgrade Mean Usage?
November 30, 2017

Already top-of-the-line Emirates doesn’t disappoint with its upgrades. On Nov 12, 2017 at the Dubai airshow, the airline with the biggest fleet of long-haul aircrafts unveiled their recent First Class upgrade. Inspired by the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Emirates announced they will actually be using the luxury cars as their mode of transportation for First Class […]

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Thanksgiving – Fly Away
November 19, 2017

While Thanksgiving and turkey hype are an American tradition, its sentiment and celebration are practiced worldwide. From Germany’s Erntedank in early November, and Grenada’s Thanksgiving in October, to Japan’s Kinro Kansha no Hi on November 23rd, humans around the globe make an effort to get together with their families and loved ones to eat copious […]

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FI-(Fy)-FO-(Fum) – Treat Your FIFO Workers Right
November 8, 2017

FIFO, Fly-In-Fly-Out workers are workers that work in remote locations for a limited amount of time; as the acronym suggests, they fly in for the job and fly back home when they’re done. Most consistent and steady FIFO workers are employed heavily in fields like mining where there usually isn’t an option for even so […]

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