Ever notice how every level of category is like its own mini civilization or jungle? Let’s take the high school category: The seniors are the trend-setters and the leaders; the lions, the juniors are the recently jaded crowd, acting petulant and “too cool for school”; the hyenas. The sophomores are pathetically over-eager, still naïve enough to believe life gets better after high school; puppies, and the freshmen are, well… freshy, like a baby doe.

Another category may be the workplace. There’s the secretary: they’re usually polarized, either really soft and matronly, or the goody-two shoes that knows all the rules. There’s the office manager – they definitely know all the rules, and they’re also most definitely not cool or trustworthy. Then there’s the employee that no one know why they’re there, usually dark haired and suspicious looking. Of course we can’t forget the pranksters, and at least one illicit romance taking place at any given time.


Well, we decided to categorize the four kinds of people you’re likely to come across on your next business class flight. You can let us know in the comments how many of them you deal with on a daily basis!

The Business Man

The most common person in business class would have to be the business man. This is a larger sect, with a variation of personality types. You have the stresser; he may or may not be profusely sweating, he’s typing ridiculously quickly on his too-small Blackberry keyboard, he’s also writing, and as soon as they ask you to turn off your devices, he looks like he’s about to go into epileptic shock.

They're not usually so disheveled looking, though...
They’re not usually so disheveled looking, though…

There’s the Christian Grey; the silent, brooding type. He’s ready to take off, ready to land, ready to be in a business meeting, all without looking the least bit fazed. His suit remains perfectly pressed throughout the flight, and he has a distinctly disdainful look on his face, perpetually.

Last but not least, there’s always one business man that feels that the seating on the plane is a social order of the highest ordainment and, should anyone from Economy dare cross over, he’ll be judging them from far and wide.

The Economist

Which brings us to the economist. Always a fun traveler, the economist tends to be way out of their league in business class and portrays it. They’re either with much family or friends in tow, or they simply make all the requests. They clearly don’t fly business class often and won their way to the seat they’re in by some lucky draw or another.

Always late
Always late

Not necessarily negative in any way, of course, the economist simply looks brand new.

The Millennial

Speaking of brand new, who invited the toddler? Millennials are hitting it big-time rich faster than any previous generation so it’s becoming more common than ever to find round, fresh-faced children in places where only old, white men used to play. Expect at least two aboard your business class flight, looking quite important indeed.

Put a shirt on
Put a shirt on

The FIFO Worker

Of course, this one depends on where and to you’re flying from, but if you’re curious about the construction worker-looking dude – or dudes – sitting in business class on many flights, they’re usually FIFO workers; Fly In Fly Out workers.

He looks a bit... stiff
He looks a bit… stiff

There is some work that yields valuable material that is brutal and remote, like mining, drilling, or other seasonal work that takes place in very remote areas. FIFO workers may work a couple, several, or more months at locations they need to be flown to, and then fly back home for the rest of the year. Because of the distance, they’re usually awarded business class tickets by the companies that hire them. Because of their dedication, show some respect.