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Mohammed Saleem – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Very thorough and determined to get me best deal. Allowed me to suggest my preference and worked towards satisfying these. A good result and will seek the Flybusinessforless quote next time I fly.

Betsy K. – Sydney, Australia

This was the first time I had used Fly Business for Less,would certainly use them again and have already recommended them to my friends. I was booking from Australia and ****, who I was dealing with, could not have been more helpful. All my email questions and requests were answered immediately. A great experience for me!

Business & First Class Flights to London

There are many reasons why you should travel using business class instead of firstclass. But before exploring more about business class flights to London, let us explain what a business class is?

In different airline companies such as British Airways, business class is a traveling option or seat that is intended to provide a service of an intermediate level. Business class serves a best traveling option between the first class and economy class. However, many airline and rail organizations now offer the same services in the business class as in the first class. Business class is different from other traveling options because the seating quality, the food offered, amnesties, drinks, and ground services are awesome. In a commercial airline service, a business class is usually known as ‘J’ or ‘C’. Business class first began in America in the 1970s; British Airways also introduced Club World that includes a separate cabin with superior quality services. Similarly, Scandinavian Airlines also introduced Euro class to passengers who needed a separate cabin and high quality services.

At Fly Business For Less we book Business Class Flights to London with these accumulated points granting our customers with discounted airfares.

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  • Swiss Flights to London

Business Class Benefits – We Bring Savings To You

If you are a regular airline traveler and confused about finding a premium flight service, you might not be fully aware of the benefits of the business class. In first class and business class, there are a few similarities such as extra services and legroom’s. Both classes provide you extra perk including unlimited beverages and alcohol, comfortable seats, and early boarding facilities. However, for your next travel needs, let us provide you more information on how business class is a step up from other classes.

Business Class Seating

In the economy class, many passengers often have to sit on a couch which is not a fantastic option for elderly people. You should simply consider traveling using business class because of comfortable seating options. In some flights, you might find an intermediary premium class; however, in most cases, a ticket for business class will always cost you less than the first class. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your experience and also lower your travel costs, a business class ticket will provide you the most comfortable seating.

Food and Beverage Options

In addition, you will also enjoy drinks and meals in the business class. In some airlines, food and alcohol options may be a little less high quality as in the first class, but overall business class food services are much beneficial because some foods may not even be included in the first class


“ First class may be the most luxurious option for adventure travelers; many people expect the best regarding seating options and food choices that are much more expensive in the first class as compared to the business class. For example, the seating facility is extremely spacious and comfortable; there is no need to spend extra money on first class tickets to London while business class provides almost the same comfort and food to help you enjoy your amazing journey. Fly Business For Less will always provide you a mid-air fantastic experience with a lot of affordable fares on Business Class Tickets to London.

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