Our favorite companions in the world are not always people, they’re usually a lot smaller than people, and a good deal furrier. Some call them part of their family, some call them their children, and rarely can a person not see one and go “aw” on the inside.

Of course, we’re talking about dogs.

Cutest Dog Airport

Committed business people around the world, especially, rely solely on animal comfort, forgoing any attempt at long-lasting human relationships entirely in favor of these large hearted creatures. Committed business people also travel often, usually by plane, so having their dearest friend with them at all times can be a challenge.

Here are some tips we’ve found that might help you with your next venture to a far away land with Sparky.

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  1. Visit the Vet. This cannot be emphasized enough. Even if you don’t call your pet family or think of it as a human being, it’s still a living being and as such is susceptible to most of the same risks. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, make sure the dog’s vaccinated. If you’re traveling for a long time, make sure the dog can handle it.
  2. Book Early. Many airlines have restriction on the amount of pets allowed on the plane in total, some only allow two! Book as early as you can find tickets to ensure that your dog gets a proper position aboard your flight.

  3. Dog and Plane OK? This category as three parts. Firstly, It’s crucial to be honest with yourself – is your dog going to be ok with the flying? It’s not worth putting them through so much psychological damage for no deeper purpose. Secondly, most planes only allow the dogs to sit under the seat – if it’s small enough. If your dog will be miserable and feel cramped the entire time, then no, do not force the poor creature into those circumstances. It would be more constructive – likely cost the same – to hire a dog sitter, or have one of your friends watch him. Lastly, be prepared for extra fees and exactly what the parameters for bringing your pet on the plane.
  4. Write it Down. The number one tip we have for any traveler, especially one with a dog (or kids) is to write down a final list of things the dog will need for both the flight and the trip. For example:

Dog Carrier

  • Fur lined doggy bag for accidents
  • Snacks for mid-flight
  • Sleep medication for dogs
  • Extra water
  • Wipes
  • Extra blanket
  • Toy / entertainment