A note went down in history when Qantas made its first non-stop flight between Perth, Australia, and London, UK, a 9,009 mile trip. It was an exciting event occurring on the 4th of March, and in the words of Rob Scott (@7newsPerth), “possibly the most filmed (pilot) check in ever”, but the Qantas leap is more than just a publicity stunt or a Qantas win alone. It indicates big changes for our standard of expected travel time.

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As aviation technology only advances, “first steps” become steady steps; one heavily broadcasted and never-done-before flight will soon be the only option available. One thing you can be sure of, though, and that is that you will always be variably bored on your air plane trip. The question is, can we provide such solid advice for your boredom that a 17 hour flight from the UK to Australia would feel like a relaxed Sunday in? Read on and let us know.


Rule #1: Comfort

For any kind of flight you want to be comfortable, but on a trip like the recent historic one, it’s crucial. The Qantas Airways flight that took the trip was equipped with 42 business class lie-flat seats. If you can’t get in one, take the next flight. If you compromise on your comfort, further attempts at alleviating the stress of being in a metal tube with a hundred other people for almost two days will be futile.


Wear your most comfortable sweats, this isn’t a networking event, and ditch any tight tops. Furthermore, if you usually wear makeup, skip that too. You want to maximize your level of comfort during the flight to ensure the least amount of trauma suffered to your brain’s usual environmental expectations. In other words, to avoid horrible side effects of jet lag, be comfortable the whole trip.


Rule #2: Digital

There’s no denying that we’re all existing in the digital age and loving it. Our brains have already adapted to the shorter attention span kind of lifestyle and we expect to be constantly busy or entertained. Don’t fight it. Unless you’ve accomplished your desired level of inner Zen that allows you to meditate your way through 20 hours, you will not want to forget to charge and bring with all your electronic entertainment devices.


Even if the airline offers in-flight entertainment, never forget to bring and charge your own as insurance. You’ll want to double check you’re well stocked with music, TV shows, movies, and books, just in case. Make sure your TV shows and movies include 3:4 comedy and 1:4 romance. Putting your mind in a good mood will make the time pass faster, even if you’re not a chic-flick fan.

Again, even though the airline might offer noise-canceling headphones, bring your own just in case.


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