For most “dog parents” their pets are a part of their family. It’s more common than ever to hear people refer to their pet as their baby, or say sweet things like “Mommy loves you” while getting a face full of dog tongue.

Accept all the love they have to give
Accept all the love they have to give

Dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love beyond the traditional family setting; they’re given to soldiers returning from war, children and adults suffering from PTSD. They’re brought to old-age homes and children’s hospitals and brought to heal the hearts of mothers that have recently suffered the loss of a child.

For busy business executives that don’t have the time or interest in traditional families, dogs are their entire family. Having to leave them behind on every business trip they take, or to put them in cargo hold is frustrating and hurtful. No one wants to have to do that to their pet, their family.

Don't leave me behind!
Don’t leave me behind!

It wasn’t until recently that these goofy beings of love and happiness were allowed on flights – and especially into first and business class. You used to need the luxury of a full-on private jet to fly in style with your furry companions, but now you have options.

American Airlines specifically designed ventilated compartments under the seat for your small pet to enjoy the flight with you, upfront! For an additional fee of $125 per flight, you can both enjoy first class.

Southwest Airlines offers welcome to cats and dogs in pet carriers for an additional fee of $95 but only allows for up to 6 pet carriers per flight, so be sure to book yours early!

I'll just wait here
I’ll just wait here

Air France only allows cats or dogs that weigh in at 17lbs including their carrier and it costs an additional $200 per flight, but they do allow for international travel with your pet.

Virgin Airlines is also pet friendly, allowing for up to 20 lbs including their carrier. It’s an additional $100 per segment, but it only allows for domestic and Mexico.

Understandably, flights have restrictions that exceed the weight of your pet, like age, breed, and flight distance. Check the website of the airline you’re traveling with to be sure you fit all the requirements, but rest assured, the days of guiltily finding a dog-sitter are over!

Happy dog
Happy dog