Remember that time you hopped in a car and headed to Florida with your folks back in ’85?

If our calculations are correct, that trip was a lot like the one you’re taking with your kids this summer…only completely different. See how family vacations have changed over the past 30 years…


How far will your money take you?


Gas in 1985 was close to $1 ($1.09 to be exact), while we have easily hit the $3 mark plenty of times (now its approximately at $2.45).

Fun fact: The price of a pee break has increased by 125%! The call of nature has definitly raised its price!


The average stay in a hotel room in 1985 would’ve been $17.95, unlike the avergae $121.37 we pay per night (I never got so lucky!)

Fun Fact: $17.95 won’t even cover your hotel room taxes!


$92.53 was the average orice to pay for a domestic airfare. We have officially quadrupled that price by being on average $393.00 per ticket. And remember we weren’t around at that time!

Fun Fact: In 1985, People could smoke on the plane and airplane food was barely edible. Nowadays, cavity searches are complimentary  and airplane food is still barely edible. (Not unless you’re flying Business or First Class!)

Family Travel Fashion

You would think after 30 years of travel fashion would’ve changed drastically eh? Well take a look and you may be surprised at how much the same travel fashion may be.


In 1985 Aviator sunglasses was going pretty strong and believe it or not 30 years later it is still hot stuff!


1985, larger than life hair was the absolute beauty, you know the type of hair that attracts low-flying birds and that takes an eon to make.  Well we’re not so far off with the new ‘Effortless Beach Waves’ still takes as long as the 80’s hair takes to make. We’re not that different after all!

Tanning Habits

Back in the day people weren’t aware of the tanning dangers, making dark tanning oils “the” thing to do because who needs skin anyways? Nowadays we all do the SPF 1,000,000,000 because tanning is soo ‘then’!

Male Fashion

1985 called for the pastel polo shirts resembling the colors of Easter Eggs while today we have the Island- Inspired tank tops which are inspired from the tourist look.

Female Fashion

In 1985 “frosted” lipstick was so shiny it could singe your retina. Currently we prefer the matte look and go with a red lip stain so life proof it’ll last you the entire trip.



Road Toys

1985 top road toys were:

a) Rubiks cube
b) Transformers Action Figure
c) Barbie

2015 top road toys are:

a) Legos
b) Marvel Avengers Action Figures
c) Disney Frozen Dolls

Not so different after all! Or maybe it is… remember the little game that we kids used to play… “I spy with my little eye…”? Well nowadays the kids play a different game called “I can’t take my eyes off the screen” game! That’s sure to promote family quality time!


Back in the day 45 minutes of music per cassette side was exciting and anticipated. Now that would be a horror story for the children… Kids have an average of 15, 000 songs stored on a 64 GB Apple iPod Touch!

The Movies

$2.75 was the price of a movie ticket back in 1985, that would hardly get you a bottle of soda today! Average price for movies nowadays is $8.12 (somehow I always manage to pay more – I must be going on the weekends!) And movie going stayed pretty much the same in the way that you still wonder how the floors got so sticky… and whether or not that’s real butter they’re monsooning over your popcorn!

Amusement Parks

If you were to go to an amusement park in 1985, you would be paying $16.50 for a one day pass for an adults (13+). Apparently kids are growing up a lot quicker these days as the adult fee begins at age 10 and wait for it… the average one day pass for an adult (10+) nowadays is $105! And because achieving nausea by spinning around on rides all day in the blistering heat the price is totally worth it. Sigh.