Los Angeles is one of the most frequented cities our travelers like to visit. But many times tourists are so excited to get to the glamorous LA that they are completely lost when they (finally!) arrive. Let’s take a look at some great things to do in LA.

Rodeo Drive

  1. Rodeo Drive

Okay so for most of us this would be a day spent window shopping and celebrity scouting. Rodeo Drive is basically a cobbled walkway filled with high array of high-end designer shops. And don’t even think about taking out your camera in one of the stores… I made the mistake of trying that and got whisked away by security! Not too far is Anderson Court, which is the only shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Venice Beach

  1. Venice Beach

Also known as the ‘kooky mecca of California’– no idea why though ;). Although the beach does get a lot of tourists, the eccentric spirit is still very much alive. If you’re into people watching, this is definitely the place for you; you’ll find a combo of skateboarders, radical pamphleteers and body builders. Great place to grab lunch is the Figtree’s Café.

Universal Studio

  1. Studios

Warner Brothers and Universal Studios are the two largest studios in LA. I highly recommend them for children and adults. My first time there I was well into my adult years and it was honestly the best day we had on our LA vacation. It is definitely worth it to buy the VIP pass (at Universal) – which gets you to the front of all lines. Without it you generally have to wait hours on all lines. Definitely changes the experience when you don’t have to spend half the day waiting on lines.

walk of fame

  1. Hollywood

Duh! What’s a Hollywood trip without Hollywood? It definitely doesn’t hurt that celebrities are never too far away J. Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where more than 2400 figures from the entertainment world are immortalized in pink terrazzo with symbolic gold lettering. Countless premieres and galas have passed through, adding to the renowned pagoda’s star quality.


  1. Disneyland

You’re never too old to visit Disneyland! This legendary theme park is packed with cool things to do, spread over seven lands and the adjacent California Adventure. Stroll down Main Street USA to experience turn-of-the 19th century America, head Westwards at Frontier land and tune into the music of New Orleans square, minus the floods and booze. Great rides include the stomach-churning Space Mountain and the epic Indiana Jones Adventure. I would definitely skip that last part – but that depends on how much spinning your stomach can handle.


  1. Bars

The Bar Marmont in West Hollywood is fabulously elegant. It has an air of longevity lacking in many other LA hangouts and the décor is exquisite, especially the butterflies pinned to the ceiling. For an alternative, stylish drinking experience, head Downtown to The Edison, a power-plant-turned-nightspot, with DJs and a weekly burlesque show. Remember to dress up!


  1. Concerts

Concerts on vacation? Definitely! Some people would consider this a waste of time since they can go to a concert back home. But if you’re like most people, you won’t end up going back home. So get out of bed, or whatever you’re doing and get down to the concert hall!

Not in the least bit cartoonish, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is the crown jewel of the LA Music Center. Designed by Frank Gehry, the auditorium has wonderful acoustics and an open platform stage. It is home to the internationally acclaimed, Gustavo Dudamel–led LA Philharmonic and the LA Master Chorale, but offers a surprisingly varied program of concerts throughout the year.


  1. Museums

You may surprise yourself by actually enjoying this trip to the museums. The collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA, are housed in a vast 20-acre complex of buildings, expertly renovated in 2008. The focal point is the BP Grand Entrance, which includes the stunning installation of Chris Burden’s Urban Light. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum is home to a dazzling selection of modern works. LACMA sits just across the street from the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Craft & Folk Art Museum.

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