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First Class Tickets to Europe


European airlines and careers mostly offer travellers a first class option in addition to first class. The first class contains comfortable economy seats based on the ticket prices. For example, some airlines including Air France and Lufthansa provide convertible seats in the first class; users can move a lever and convert two seats into three. In some short routes, first class is starting to disappear; however, many airlines offer business class that is more beneficial than costly first class. Let us show you how?

First Class Benefits in Europe

In European Airlines, a first class upgrade is a much more affordable and enjoyable option for domestic and international flights. The first class provides many options for seating and food which are superior to the economy class. Due to the recession of 2008, some airlines had stopped adding the first class option, which is why; first class has been the best option for regular travellers to suit their needs. Because first class option costs you almost double the price of a first class seat, first class is still tube best option for many travellers around Europe.

Food and Seating in European First Class

In the first class, all the food and beverages provided are of high quality compared to the economy class which is meant for budget travellers. Economy class passengers are not allowed in the first class cabin. The seats of first and business class in European airlines are different from the economy class seats; since many airlines have included long haul seats in the first class such as recliner seats, flat seats, fully flat seats, and cabin seats.

In Lufthansa Airline, passengers upon having their seats are presented with a choice to enjoy champagne or water. A 3 to 5 course meals follows the drinks, travellers can also order specific choice of meals in Swiss Airlines.

Chapter Prices

Defending on the choice of your airline, the prices of first class vary in international and domestic flights. There is less doubt the first class is just as luxurious as the business class with a much higher price tag; most first and business classes these days offer the same seating and food options in different prices. There may be a difference in the lounge access; however, many airlines provide the same lounge access to business and first class travellers. Moreover, in the first class, the perks are improving day by day; this raises a lot of competition between airlines providing first class seats in affordable costs.

According to the New York Times, Lufthansa updated the premium class seats last year on its Boeing, hoverer, out of 100 seats; only 8 were included in the first class. Therefore, many airlines are getting rid of the most expensive first class or reducing the number of seats.


First and business classes both offer the same features and options in the European Airlines in different Prices. Due to the same quality of seating and food in higher prices, many airlines are excluding the first class option that provides a chance for passengers to travel using business class in less cost.

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